I have recently attended an interesting presentation about narrative therapy which inspired me today to share a few helpful questions we can use in therapy, but also in coaching, to help clients develop alternative solutions and storylines. Here there are:

  • How is this [insert a feeling, for instance:] anger like? If you were to place it in the room, where would it be and how would it look like?
  • What is this annoyance presenting itself when you are tired and stressed out?
  • How is your depression affecting your mood when your travel?
  • What would you like to see happen when your grief is in the room with you?
  • How is this anxiety like? What do you experience? How do you feel? How do you behave when your anxiety is in the driving seat?

The above questions help us externalise but also normalise feelings and mental health conditions. Feelings come and go. Our mental health in most cases is a healthy reaction to an unhealthy world. In order to heal and move forward, it might help to separate them from our core identity this way. Let me know if this is helpful.,

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