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What is Voxel Hub Scholarship?

Voxel Hub Scholarship was designed to provide free digital wellbeing support to people who might not be able to access our services. Increasingly, cyberpsychology research demonstrates that vulnerable and underprivilegded individuals and communities face increased challenges online as well. Our Scholarships are here to respond to this imbalance.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for our scholarships, but we kindly ask you to demonstrate your situation and/or the impact our work with you would have on volunerable and underpriviledged groups. In the application form we will ask you to honestly share your story and your plans to impact others as well.

What is the committment?

We will ask you to committ the at least a series of digital wellebing sessions via Skype, which usually means 8 x 1.5hrs of your time with us and additional few hours of homework and feedback.

Your free legacy access to our online courses means that you will also have the option to continue your studies in your own time in the future.

Is it really free? 

Our mission is to move away from hidden marketing practices. We will not ask you to become our client or sell our services. This is our genuine offer to give some of our free time to support you and your future work. We strongly believe that this access will pay forward and help you help others with their digital wellbeing.

When will I hear back? 

We are currently growing rapidly so our scholarships offer is fairly limited, but every successful applicant will hear back from us with a clear indication of available slots. Please prepare that some applicants might need to wait until our free slots become available, in which case we would share the waiting times with you honestly. If you are interested in applying, please email [email protected]