Our brain is one of the most important parts of our body, responsible for things such as memories, feeling, emotions and senses yet we have no clue how it works or what it is made up of.

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The diagram above gives us a brief introduction to the different parts of the brain, now what are they responsible for?

Parietal Lobe-processes sensory information such as touch, taste and temperature.

Frontal Lobe-memory, impulse control, problem-solving and any higher-level executive functions.

Occipital Lobe-vision.

Temporal Lobe- hearing and memory.

Cerebellum-maintaining balance and coordination.

Brain stem-regulates body functions like breathing and digestion.

Here is a useful video that further explains the different parts of the brain, even the smallest ones:

The brain needs a way to communicate with the body to be able to carry out these functions and it does so through chemical and electrical impulses transmitted across via neurons. A neuron is simply a type of specialised cell that looks like this:

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This link provides further detail on brain function and communication.

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