Coaching Services

Coaching Services

My approach

In coaching sessions, I create a safe space for you to explore the opportunities, challenges, choices and actions you can take concerning your life, career, business and digital technologies.

We set goals and work on your actions to help you move forward, hopefully, feel better.

Many of my clients prefer to develop their healthy habits and good digital wellbeing in more resilient times. It can be easier and more effective to make important decisions, improve your habits and wellbeing when you feel stronger.

I provide primarily person-centred support with a strong focus on positive psychology.

I offer digital wellbeing coaching integrating active listening with elements of CBT, Virtual Reality coaching, creative and experiential techniques to widen the range of tools supporting you in learning to make more informed choice about the future of your digital wellbeing.

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Life and career coaching

Popular coaching services:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Life coaching

New coaching services:

  • Career and life coaching for young professionals
  • Career and life coaching for parents and carers
  • ProReal Virtual Reality coaching

Digital wellbeing coaching

Popular coaching services:

  • Digital leadership
  • Digital career
  • Digital families for parents and carers

New coaching services:

  • Digital wellbeing
  • Digital resilience
  • Digital blocks and challenges

My coaching pricing

Currently, I charge £60 for a coaching session (60 min) and £20 for the initial consultation (1 hour) with discounts for packages. Please get in touch for more pricing details and a tailored quote.

Is coaching for me?

Learning to set goals and make informed choices about your life, career and digital wellbeing is crucial for living a balanced, relaxed, thriving life. In coaching sessions, I help you explore your life and career opportunities and challenges. I will explore your story, online relationships and digital experiences and identify opportunities to make conscious choices around digital wellbeing.

Some of my clients approach me with specific challenges in mind. If you feel stuck, anxious or overwhelmed, we can look at a wide range of options and tools to identify the roots of your problems and work together on improving your current situation.

Many of my clients prefer to develop their healthy digital habits in more resilient times. It can be more comfortable and more productive to action change when you feel stronger, and your life is more balanced.

If that’s what you wish to do, we will work with you on a wide range of aspects of life, career and digital wellbeing. I can also help you identify your core needs and develop a more tailored coaching plan. All you need to do is get in touch for an initial consultation.

Examples of Coaching Situations

Examples of Coaching Situations
  • Identifying blocks in the effective use of digital tools
  • Identifying solutions to meet your work, career and personal goals
  • Critical thinking and decision making skills for digital wellbeing
  • Exploring healthy and sustainable digital habits
  • Learning to access online support networks for your goals
  • Developing short-term and long-term digital wellbeing plans
  • Identifying the best way to apply digital tools to meet your goal
  • Understanding external challenges – the pitfalls of the social web 
  • Using smart tech and other digital technologies for better mental health

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