Counselling Services

My approach

Thank you for considering using my counselling services. I recommend counselling services to individuals who wish to explore their deeper feelings and behaviours related to general life challenges, bereavement or digital wellbeing.

Starting counselling or coaching can feel overwhelming at first. As a liberation practitioner, I prioritise ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable and respected. I work with people from various backgrounds (cultures, classes, genders, neurodiversity, etc.) who need support with specific challenges or general wellbeing and growth. Liberation work goes beyond anti-oppression. It explores collective support, resistance, and resilience, as well as work to heal and thrive.
My clients access counselling and coaching for the first time or may have been supported this way for many years. Thus, I need to understand your expectations and needs. For specific challenges, I may make recommendations and will respect your choices. I will provide a confidential, safe space for us to collaborate.
I have classical psychology education and experience with complex, high-risk young and adult clients. My core theories are:
  • person-centred – focussing on your experience of the world with respect, authenticity and empathy,
  • psychoanalytical – reflecting on your story and deeper processes,
  • systemic – exploring how people and systems affect you,
  • positive psychology – learning about positive emotions, resilience, and strengths.
Additionally, I bring in ideas from other approaches to support you. For liberation work: the Power Threat Meaning Framework, Polyvagal Theory, eco-therapies, creative approaches, etc. For support around digital age challenges: cyber-psychology, my training and experience in more innovative areas, like digital, workplace and activist wellbeing.
Like all ethical practitioners, I have been in ongoing personal therapy for many years and have an experienced supervisor. I continue learning and am particularly interested in the following:
  • non-verbal, embodied therapies – mindfulness, walking and movement therapies
  • narrative therapies – working with stories, bibliotherapy
  • acceptance and compassion work for anti-oppressive practice
Contact me to book an initial assessment and discuss your needs.
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My counselling services

Popular counselling services:

  • Grief and bereavement counselling
  • Anxiety, low mods and depression counselling 
  • Trauma and addiction counselling 

New counselling services:

  • Counselling for survivors of sexual and other forms of abuse 
  • Counselling for social isolation, ex-boarders and other displacements 
  • Liberation counselling to heal from or deal with ongoing identity-based violence (gender, race, class, neurodiversity, etc.) 

My digital wellbeing counselling services

Popular counselling services:

  • Digital overload and digital fatigue counselling  
  • Online abuse and geek discrimination counselling 
  • Technophobia counselling (working with the fear of technology and negative tech bias) 

New counselling services:

  • Grief in the digital age
  • Digital parenting counselling (supporting parenting in the digital age) 
  • Help with excessive gaming and other addictive online behaviours 

My counselling pricing 

  • FREE 30-minute initial consultation
  • FREE sessions – we run at least two free slots every week, so please get in touch and don’t hesitate to ask for the availability of those
  • £50 for 50 min
  • £60 for 60 min
  • £75 for 60 min with VR
Clients receive access to free digital wellbeing self-assessment, free online resources, and affordable training on my website.

Is counselling for me?

Counselling is recommended for people who need to explore their feelings in a safe, trusted environment.

Asking for help when we feel unwell, or life feels too hard can be challenging at first. However, I will be here to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. I am experienced in supporting people healing from sexual abuse, identity-based violence, addiction, social isolation, boarding schools and other displacements, as well as grief, anxiety and depression. I am a certified anti-oppressive practitioner, working multiculturally with all genders and supporting transitions. I work with Nature, eco-anxiety and activist burnout, too.

I worked for leading counselling charities: Cruse, Mind, OTR Bristol, SWAN Project, Changes and now Kinergy. I delivered a course on liberation psychologies for Iron Mill College of Counselling in Exeter. I’m a member and follow the ethical guidelines of the BACP, Institute of Leadership and Management and EMMC Global.

My digital wellbeing counselling services are designed to support you with feelings related to digital experiences. I specialise in liberation psychologies for digital wellbeing. I am a certified Virtual Reality counsellor. I combine my experience in teaching, business, charity work, digital activism, and youth projects to offer you an affirming view of good mental health in the digital age. I support people struggling with negative tech bias, technophobia, digital fatigue, online abuse, geek discrimination, and addictive behaviours. I work with leaders, professionals, parents and mental health practitioners wishing to embrace digital age opportunities safely.

However, you might use digital wellbeing counselling in better times to learn to thrive in digital spaces. You can use counselling to explore and improve your overall digital resilience skills. This approach might also help with future digital challenges, threats and opportunities.

Check out some of our counselling situations below and get in touch for an initial consultation.

Example Challenges

  • Feelings around leadership in times of digital innovation
  • Working with anxiety due to the lack of digital skills
  • Working with online bias, echo chambers for isolated individuals and groups
  • Managing online conflicts effectively and safely 
  • Exploring grief and other forms of loss
  • Exploring collective trauma and online grief
  • Recovering from personal feelings around an online crisis
  • Self-care and collective care in the digital age
  • Exploring positive thinking in the digital age
  • Exploring our humanity in the age of automation
  • Exploring parenting in the digital age
  • Working with addictive digital behaviours
  • Working with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and other forms of digital overwhelm