Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Our approach

Thank you for considering using our counselling services. We provide integrated counselling services. We work primarily with the person-centred approach, also known as talking therapy. This approach allows time and space for in-depth explorations of what is really going on for you. Digital wellbeing challenges are unique to you, so we need to use an approach which places you at the core of the healing process. The therapist is there to provide expert support on digital wellbeing, but the actual healing happens in the working relationship between you and the therapist.

We understand that some clients with a negative experience of talking therapies might feel that “just talking” about challenges is not enough. However, our approach to the active listening process is quite deep and practical. We combine the person-centred approach with elements of positive psychology, psychoanalysis, CBT, object and journal therapy to allow for a wide range of tools supporting your explorations and, with your active participation, your healing.

Our counselling services

We offer a wide range of counselling services. After an initial consultation, you will receive our specific recommendation on tailored support. However, here are some examples of our services.

Popular counselling services:

  • Grief in the digital age
  • Digital overload and stress 
  • Online isolation, loneliness, depression

New counselling services:

  • Healthy digital wellbeing habits (for career, business management, relationships and parenting)
  • Support with digital addictions and addictive behaviours
  • Help with excessive gaming

Our counselling pricing 

Currently, we charge £50 for a counselling session (50 min) and £20 for the initial consultation (1 hr) with discounts for packages. Please get in touch for more pricing details and a tailored quote.

Is counselling for me?

Our counselling services are designed to support you with feelings related to digital experiences through personal explorations of your attitudes and perceptions, your experience important validation of yourself. Only when you truly know yourself, you can manage your digital activities effectively. You can learn to choose the right technology, access and produce relevant content and build trusted networks – online, but also offline.

Counselling can also be beneficial when we feel vulnerable or unsafe. Addressing the causes of our emotional worries leads to the more confident and safe use of digital technologies. Understanding our personal sense of safety, but also collective trends in online privacy, data ownership and other aspects of digital activities can be empowering.

However, you might decide to use counselling in better times to learn to thrive in digital spaces. You can use counselling to explore and improve your overall digital resilience skills. This approach might also help with any future digital challenges, threats and opportunities.

Check out the list of some of our counselling situations below and get in touch for an initial consultation.

Counselling Situations

Counselling Situations

We recommend our counselling services to individuals who wish to explore their wide range of feelings and behaviours related to digital wellbeing. Most of our clients turn to us for help in critical or difficult situations, but it is also recommended to explore our digital wellbeing in more relaxed times. It is easier to improve our habits and explore our relationship with digital technologies when we feel a bit stronger, comfortable and more resilient.

Here are some examples of situations when digital wellbeing counselling might be helpful:

  • Feelings around leadership in times of digital innovation
  • Working with anxiety due to the lack of digital skills
  • Working with online bias, echo chambers for isolated individuals and groups
  • Managing online conflicts effectively and safely 
  • Exploring grief and other forms of loss
  • Exploring collective trauma and online grief
  • Recovering from personal feelings around an online crisis
  • Self-care and collective care in the digital age
  • Exploring positive thinking in the digital age
  • Exploring our humanity in the age of automation
  • Exploring parenting in the digital age
  • Working with addictive digital behaviours
  • Working with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and other forms of digital overwhelm

Prepare for the journey

Initial consultation

Identifying your specific needs and ways we can help


Mutual agreement on ways of working together to help your goals

Support sessions

A series of counselling sessions to build up your ability to address your digital wellbeing situation


Final review and ending with recommendations for your future digital wellbeing plans

Meet the Founder

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Sylwia Korsak

Digital Wellbeing Consultant, Coach and Counsellor