Digital Consultancy & Training

Digital Consultancy & Training

Our approach

Thank you for considering using our consultancy and training services. Our approach to digital consultancy is honest and very pragmatic. We acknowledge the vast opportunities but also pitfalls of the connected web. We recommend our consultancy and training services to individuals and organisations wishing to review, plan and execute practical and effective digital strategies. We work with our clients on long-term solutions suitable to their current digital culture to meet their goals effectively. Digital landscapes can feel very unpredictable and fast-changing. It can be very tempting to get carried away by trends. However, with a good understanding of the underlying principles of specific technologies, content flow and online relationship management, you can learn to make wise, informed choices. You can learn to plan cost-effective strategies suiting your needs and the needs of your team. You can start to plan your digital activities more effectively, keeping good digital wellbeing in mind. 

We also offer a review and support on the actual digital wellbeing. It is a relatively new area of work, so for this, we combine over a decade of digital but also mental health experience. We look at trends but base our suggestions and solutions of robust, critical view that the impact of digital on our mental health is still very poorly researched. Without a lot of scientific research, we believe it is essential to take a person-centred approach to your digital wellbeing. We explore the individual and collective impact of your digital activities on your mental health and suggest most future proof strategies. 

We provide a wide range of digital consultancy and training services so please take time to read the page below for more information.

Our consultancy services

Popular digital consultancy services:

  • Digital audits and strategy 
  • Digital planning and productivity
  • Digital crisis – best practice and policies

New digital consultancy services:

  • Digital wellbeing audits
  • Digital wellbeing strategy
  • Introducing thriving digital wellbeing culture and habits

Our training services

Popular training services:

  • One-on-one digital & social media training
  • Group digital & social media training
  • Corporate digital & social media training

New training services :

  • One-on-one digital wellbeing training
  • Group digital wellbeing training
  • Corporate digital wellbeing training

Our consultancy and training pricing

Currently, our fees start at £50/hour with £20 for the initial consultation (1 hr). Specific charges will be agreed during or shortly after the initial discussion. For group and corporate work, we provide tailored budgets with group discounts.

Is consultancy and training for me?

Most of our clients experience digital wellbeing challenges due to lack of a good understanding of how new technologies operate. We focus on identifying relevant training needs for your clients to help you navigate the fast-changing technological landscapes. This theoretical knowledge needs to be backed up by practice, so we often hand-hold our clients in their new online activities. We speak human language, avoiding industry slang. Our goal is to empower you and your staff to become independent of us and ask us more difficult questions in the future.

We combine digital literacy with consultancy. Many of our clients work and live in complex digital landscapes. It can be tempting to use many platforms, build complicated content plans and large online communities; however, sometimes, we need to simplify our digital strategy to make it pragmatic, cost-effective and simply achievable. It can be tempting to pay for tailored digital solutions, but it can be equally rewarding and productive to use more straightforward tools. We help our clients audit and plan their digital activities for better individual and organisational digital wellbeing. If needed, we help you choose more expensive solutions and choose trusted providers. Working with us, you will learn to plan and execute your digital campaigns and other activities effectively but also in a sensible, relaxed manner – which leads to a good, balanced life.

We aim to provide tailored support, so please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Digital Challenges

Digital Challenges

For some examples of the challenges our clients face support see the list below.

Individual Digital Support

  • Personal brand and career strategy (formulating, articulating, online positioning)
  • Effective leadership in the digital era
  • Digital wellbeing challenges: life-tech balance, healthy digital habits, productivity, content overload, FOMO
  • Digital youth – understanding new tech landscapes, negotiating agreements with young people in your organisation
  • Digital resilience – responding to adverse situations strategically

Corporate Digital Support

  • Digital/social media strategy & policy challenges
  • First steps with digital/social media for teams
  • Managing personal vs branded digital/social channels
  • Digital productivity problems
  • Problems with content planning, production, positioning and aggregation
  • Word of mouth challenges, online crisis
  • Difficulties with social media reporting and analytics

Digital Literacy & Training

  • Lack of digital/social media competence
  • Blocks in strategic planning for digital channels – lack of clear vision or clarity of options
  • Choosing cost-effective website design with branding and social media integration
  • Struggling with setting up and starting your blog
  • Data recovery issues (for clients who lost their website/digital channels support or worked with unreliable consultants)

Prepare for the journey

Initial consultation

Identifying your specific needs and ways we can help


Mutual agreement on ways of working together to help your goals

Support delivery

One off or regular support with regular reviews and adjustments


Final review, report and recommendations for your future ditial wellbeing plans

Meet our Founder

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Sylwia Korsak

Digital Wellbeing Consultant, Coach and Counsellor