Dictionary.com defines diagnosis as “The identification by a medical provider of a condition, disease, or injury made by evaluating the symptoms and signs presented by a patient.” Oxford Reference definition is slightly different: “The process of determining the health status and the factors responsible for it; may be applied to an individual, family, group, society. The term is applied both to the process of determination and to its findings”

In both cases, we are thinking about a process of reviewing the state of our health to examine how we are, how our health can be affected and what support we may need.

Having a diagnosis can be helpful as it leads to reasonable adjustments at school and work and adequate medical support. However, in some communities and situations, it can also lead to labelling, biased treatment or even discrimination and abuse.

What do you think: is it helpful to have a diagnosis? Is there a difference in how we relate to a physical or mental health diagnosis? 

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