This can be a very subtle form of violent silencing, almost unnoticed: a micro-aggression, refusal to celebrate someone’s achievements, highlighting difference over humanity with no specific reason but to other the individual – you can spot it the moment you sense the presence of an ego or power imbalance.

At the end of the day, we are all human. We are all one with nature. To think otherwise is foolish and wrong. We all belong to the same cycle of life. We all deserve the space at the meeting table, a voice in the room and the freedom to walk uninterrupted in the street.

If you see this form of violent silence solution is simple: say something. Walk into the silent space and make a simple human connection with the othered person – a simple, welcoming, warm smile and a kind word will do.

You cannot fix the attack or the attacker, but you can repair the human experience.

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