Liberation is the act of liberating or the state of being liberated. The word “liberation” is usually associated with a collective struggle and a movement to regain better social conditions (safety, freedoms, rights, democracy, better work and life conditions).

We often tend to think about liberation from something, which is a process of becoming free of barriers, abuse, challenges, and limitations. However, we can also think about liberation to or towards something. Liberation towards a better way of being. Liberation to have freedom of gender expression. Liberation to read any book you wish to read.

So today, we offer a simple exercise: list in two columns all your freedoms – the freedom to do something/be someone and the freedom you have from having to do something/be someone. List at least 20-30 ideas (this helps us tap into less obvious ideas). When you finish, spend a moment reflecting on your freedoms and limitations.

Is there a place for liberation in your present and future experiences?

What does liberation mean to you? 

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