This event was a real highlight of my fall here in Bristol. I adore the work of Dr Margaret Heffernan! I really admire her courage to state the uncomfortable but important truths and do so with such grace, gravity. In October I had the pleasure to listen to her Bristol Media talk on the difficulties of modern leadership – leadership in times of uncertainty.

Let me just start with a personal note: as a Polish business owner living in the UK, I am experiencing the notion of uncertainty on a daily basis, so as I am writing this short post I am also aware that the idea that we are living uncertain times might not yet be so visible to others. Increasingly, especially due to the fast speed of digital innovation, leaders are waking up to the truth of our times though. It is really important to consider new forms of planning, defining success and new ways of managing people in this new reality. You can see almost all the points made by Heffernan here, but let me showcase just a few personal favourites below.

Before you go, do check out two videos. In this one, Heffernan talks a little bit more about effective and not so effective leaders:

In this TED talk, she talks about the importance of conflict:

I would love to know what you think about the above points made about business planning and leadership.

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