This might be a bit of a niche hobby, but I love to browse the Internet for the new developments in neuroscience, especially mapping out the brain. So today, let’s have a look at some of those videos. A lot of my clients arrive worrying about the impact of connected technologies on their wellbeing, but the moment I ask about their hobbies and how they nurture them, watching free documentaries, online courses and videos tend to be top on their list. That realisation in itself shifts their biases a bit towards a more balanced relationship with the Internet. So here is a little something for those of you who work in areas related to neuroscience. (A special thank you to Adriana Przystasz for her help in research for this post. You will see her voice more on this blog soon).

Cartographers of the Brain: Mapping the Connectome

The brain dictionary:

How Close Are We to a Complete Map of the Human Brain?

Victorian Pseudosciences: Brain Personality Maps

The ultimate brain map:

Mapping the human connectome:

Most Realistic Brain Visualization

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