It’s almost symbolic to think that it took me a year since this website launched to finally put together a newsletter, however, to be honest, I needed to do a lot of core work on the values, methodology and tonality of this online space to start sending it to your inboxes. But it’s time. A lot is going on in the digital wellbeing world and I have more and more inspirations to share.

The Newsletter went out last weekend. Last Saturday marked the World Mental Health Day 2020 which was themed around opening conversations on mental health. I would like to think that launching a newsletter for this new space if also symbolic and well-timed, but I will let you be the judge of that.

The newsletter contains three main sections: news on Voxel Hub, my inspirations and a pack of freebies to help or inspire your digital wellbeing.

Here is the first edition. You can sign up for monthy updates here or read it all online here.

Thank you for reading!

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Senior social media and digital wellbeing consultant, coach and counsellor. Founder of Voxel Hub.

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